About Us

Our Mission

To people looking to create financial opportunities, Ustocktrade is the first retail stock trading network that is bringing Wall Street to Main Street.

We aim to lower the barriers of entry to investing, empowering users—regardless of skill or experience level—to make trades and be part of a dynamic community all while contributing to a unique philanthropy.

Our Network

We operate as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) on behalf of our members, allowing us to provide straightforward and low fee transactions.

Our Story

Tony & Cindy Weeresinghe

Over his 20 year career, Tony Weeresinghe has been involved in the development and implementation of stock exchanges around the world. He has provided IT solutions to capital markets in more than 60 sites across 5 continents, including the one used today by the London Stock Exchange Group.

With Ustocktrade Tony and his wife Cindy are opening opportunities to individual micro-investors — bringing Wall Street to Main Street.

In founding Ustocktrade, the Weeresinghe’s share a mission to advance a two-pronged social vision. First, they aim to introduce the rewards of investing and trading to college students and nontraditional investors so that they can work towards a personal financial goal in an encouraging setting. Second, they want to use the profits from the company to fund their unique philanthropic venture, The Cainan Foundation, which seeks to educate underserved children throughout the world.