Intuitive Interface
Professional-Style Strategies
Transparent Transactions
Corporate Actions
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Intuitive Interface

Ustocktrade's intuitive interface uses "plain language" instead of complex investing jargon, so it's easy to learn and use.

Helpful Tooltips

Hover over any component within the application and a helpful tool tip will explain its function.

Professional-Style Strategies

With Ustocktrade's advanced capabilities, you can set trading strategies without having to constantly monitor your account.

Buy, Sell, or Get Out

Choose a strategy and indicate whether you want to be alerted—so you can manually enter an order—or whether you prefer that Ustocktrade automatically enter the order on your behalf.

Transparent Transactions

Ustocktrade always make sure you will receive the best available price when your trade is executed.

Get the Best Market Price

Ustocktrade shows you the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) at time of execution so you know you received the best price for that time.

Corporate Actions

Ustocktrade shows you upcoming corporate actions such as dividends, stock splits and rights offerings, and how much you will receive based on your held positions.


Ustocktrade will calculate the estimated amount you will receive based on the number of shares you own on that day.

News Feed

Researching companies is easy within Ustocktrade. The News Feed window tracks selected Twitter accounts using keywords and hashtags relevant to that stock.

Trusted Third-Party Sources

Click on a stock's symbol to easily research that company’s information from trusted 3rd-party sources that opens in a new tab.

Ustocktrade is a retail stock trading network that provides a direct client to client stock trading experience.

Direct Placement of Orders Executed on the Same Platform

Users can directly place orders into the system, which are matched and verified within our network–without the need to send them through another broker.

Easy Access to Funds

All fund transfers between verified accounts will be made available the next day.

Same-day Settlement (T+0)

Settlements are reconciled internally so you can have your stocks the same day without the 3 day wait with other retail trading platforms. T+0 trade settlement currently occurs in a limited instance of trading on the Ustocktrade platform.

Your Portfolio

Under portfolio, you can get a clear overview of all stock currently in your account. This screen displays easy-to-read charts of your current stock holdings arranged by sector and symbol.

Tutorial Videos

Ustocktrade features a series of tutorial videos to help you start trading in no time!