Our vision is to democratize wealth, our mission is to Bring Wall Street to Main Street.

Ustocktrade was founded on the simple yet powerful idea that everyone is born equal and can succeed if they have the right tools.

Our Story

In founding Ustocktrade, the Weeresinghes share a mission to advance a two-pronged social vision. First, to bring Wall Street to Main Street. Second, they want to use the profits from the company to fund their unique philanthropic venture, The Cainan Foundation, which seeks to educate underserved children throughout the world.

Our Story

Tony, our founder, and CEO, after spending over 20 years automating global stock exchanges, realized retail customers are at a disadvantage when it comes to stock trading, due to high cost, complicated trading requirements, lack of affordable resources, and poor trade executions. To address these issues he and his wife Cindy founded Ustocktrade LLC, the parent company of Ustocktrade Securities Inc which operates the Alternative Trading System.

Tony and Cindy ambitiously set out to democratize wealth and bring Wall Street to Main Street by empowering retail investors.

Ustocktrade is proud to provide sophisticated financial technology at an affordable price to lower barriers of entry to stock trading and help individuals participate in capital markets.

Good business is about making a difference.

Ustocktrade was founded purposefully to fund The Cainan Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating some of the world’s most disadvantaged children. The Cainan Foundation is funded primarily through profits generated by Ustocktrade.com.

The Foundation was established to build self-sustaining boarding schools and provide international standard education to disadvantaged children in developing countries. We believe educated young people can transform their communities for the better and permanently eradicate longstanding cycles of poverty.

Our aim is to support The Cainan Foundation to provide students with the necessary tools and resources they need to obtain a high quality education and become capable leaders in a developing world.

To learn more about the Cainan Foundation, visit www.thecainan.org